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Andenenes Suitel

Date. 2019

Location: Andenes, Norway

CLT/Timber Structure 

Carbon negative structure: 

- 50.948 T of #CO2 is stored in the structure
- 197.5 kg/sqm of #CO2 is stored in the structure

Andenes Suitel is a three story structure in the town of Andenes on the Norwegian island of  Andøy


It’s function is vertical transportation outside of an existing structure. It consists of a staircase enclosed by walls and an exposed corridor. The staircase structure is a staircase core with an elevator shaft.

The structure consists of load bearing CLT walls, slabs and stairs and glue-laminated timber beams. The base has a rectangular shape with dimensions 11.30m by 4.50m, and max. height of 12.956 m.

The corridor is a three story corridor which is connected to the staircase core. The structure consists of glue lam beams, columns and CLT slabs. The base has a rectangular shape with dimensions 23.00m by 2.50m, the max. span of the slabs is 6.70 m and max. height of 8.739 m.

Considering that the corridor is exposed, slabs on each story had to be subjected to a snow load of 4.57 kN/m2 .

Building is designed, produced and assembled at the end of 2019.